Micromanage Your Life With These Smart Reminder Apps

by Rachel Baker on August 6, 2014

If you are looking for an app to help schedule your time and tasks, you may want to give this article a look. Besides the three specifics discussed in the article, there are some comments that also reference useful apps.

Given all the minuscule tasks I need to get done each day, things always fall through the cracks. It’s usually the smallest tasks I end up forgetting—errands, two-minute chores, personal hygiene stuff. Things that should be good habits, but aren’t. So I decided to put my phone to work, letting my mobile micromanage me into remembering to do all the little things.

Standard calendar and reminder apps, which are time-based and rely specifically on timed events like meetings or appointments, don’t suffice. What I need is something smarter than a calendar, something that will nag me during my downtime—gently of course.

Micromanage Your Life With These Smart Reminder Apps

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