Microsoft gives away Windows 10 to anyone who asks

by Rachel Baker on June 22, 2015

This is definitely a good deal, but it doesn’t really appear to be a big deal after reading the article below.

Read More: With a nod and a wink, Microsoft gives away Windows 10 to anyone who asks.

In the always confusing world of Microsoft licensing, there are two sets of rules.

One is written down in license agreements, drafted by Microsoft’s large legal team, with separate terms for PC makers and end users. These combined terms are extremely specific about the rights and responsibilities of every party to the license agreement. They are aimed primarily at Microsoft’s commercial customers and its PC-building partners, who account for more than 98 percent of all revenue from Windows desktop licenses.

The other set of rules is unwritten, for the most part. But its terms are fairly easy to deduce. They are intended for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and IT pros who like to tinker with Windows and PC hardware. Microsoft’s TechNet program was a long-running gift to this group, offering thousands of dollars’ worth of Microsoft software for a few hundred bucks.

The Windows Insider program is being run in that same spirit.

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