Minecraft will Launch on Friday for Xbox One

by Rachel Baker on September 3, 2014

Gamers with Xbox One will be able to indulge in the addictiveness of Minecraft starting on Friday! If you’ve already had it on the 360, you will be able to upgrade for about $5.00; all others will be paying about $20.00.

Minecraft for Xbox One to launch on Friday

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be available for download in the Xbox Store on September 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Wire announced Tuesday. New players will have to shell out $19.99 for the game. Owners of the Xbox 360 edition will pay $4.99 to upgrade. Any content that Xbox One gamers have downloaded for Minecraft will be available on the Xbox One for free.

Created by indie gaming developer Mojang, Minecraft places you in a Lego-like land composed of blocks. As you journey through this blocky sandbox, you create buildings, machines, flora, fauna, and other items to devise your own virtual worlds. Along the way you also have to fend off monsters and other enemies. But Minecraft is also more open-ended than most games, so it’s been touted as a learning environment for kids — and one that can be very addictive.

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