Most Used Emojis

by Rachel Baker on June 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered which Emojis are used the most? Mona Chalabi at FiveThirtyEight’s DataLab has a pretty big list for you –

Emoticons have come a long way since the days of 🙂

Thanks to emojis (the name means “picture character” in Japanese), we can express far more complex emotions and ideas. But what exactly are we choosing to convey? To find out, Matthew Rothenberg created a code for counting the number of emojis used on Twitter. In real-time.

The project is all the more exciting because the tweets ratcheting up the emoji count are in Arabic, English, Russian, Greek, Mandarin and other languages. So the results look like a motherboard of online expression that traverses linguistic divides.

On Thursday morning, we pulled the top 100 emojis used so far on Twitter. Here’s some of what we noticed:

Here’s the full article:
The 100 Most-Used Emojis

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