Sarah Silverman Gets Back to Her (Mostly Forgotten) Roots

by Rachel Baker on October 5, 2014

Here’s a quick look at Sarah Silverman’s appearance as the host of SNL. Its a great all-inclusive look at her monologue, and the different skits she was in.

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This monologue was pretty much everything you’d want out of a Sarah Silverman monologue. As awesome as it is when gifted comics like Louis C.K. host the show and do 10 minutes of new stand-up during this portion, I almost prefer seeing some innovative spin on it. Silverman starts out with some immodest meta-commentary on her presence as host. (“It’s crazy to be hosting SNL. Is it really crazy? I’m a pretty big comedian.”) Things get really interesting, though, when her interaction with an audience member ends with Silverman sitting on a woman’s lap, playing with her hair, and soliciting compliments for her while said woman looks like she’s trying not to cry. Then it turns out this whole bit has been a set-up for what comes next, both a dissection of audience-interaction segments on monologues, and a brilliant way to work in old footage of Silverman’s time in the cast. This is what hitting the ground running looks like.

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