SyFy is a Leader in TV Culture

by Rachel Baker on June 24, 2014

SyFy has finally become! While our culture is watching more and more science fiction, world gone wrong and thusly becoming a non-world until society rebuilds, Syfy is securely enjoying its leadership role in cultural tv trends based on exactly what the network was built around.

The plan to bring SyFy to the position befitting a network with that name and that agenda in a culture that clearly loves all manner of science fiction-based programming doesn’t involve chasing trends, then. According to McGoldrick, the preoccupation with genre television on seemingly every other network actually creates more opportunities for SyFy.

“Anytime you have a lot of competition, it’s challenging to carve out your own hits in a crowded marketplace,” he admits. “But the opportunity is that if you’re a writer of any talent, you better be writing genre, because that’s where the excitement is. We have more to choose from, and it can get even higher–people who wouldn’t have written a genre will have to, in order to survive. That’s got me really excited. It’s a bigger playing field. I think we’ll be able to spot trends.”

Anticipating trends is important to McGoldrick–and it should be. The graveyard of mid-’00s scripted drama is littered with series that attempted to cash in on the “everything is super mysterious and weird” trend set by Lost, and the odds that all seven of the superhero shows heading to television in the fall are going to find an audience is slim. Backing away from chasing trends, and focusing on predicting them, is an important job of any network that wants to do more than just feast on scraps–and McGoldrick isn’t interested in being one of 13,000 people standing where lightning just struck–not that it isn’t a temptation.

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SyFy’s Head Of Programming On Carving Out An Identity In A World Gone Genre

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