The Best Monitors for Gaming…er, School Work

by Rachel Baker on August 13, 2014

Kids, while that whole going back to school thing might be getting you down, its time to think about something way better than school that happens in the fall, and its something that all kids should look forward to – the new game release cycle starts! As we know, there is a whole ton of releases that happen just before or at the holiday season so that kids can add the games to their holiday want/wish lists.

Since its back-to-school time and there are a million and twelve sales happening for technology, this guide will help you get your bang for your buck when it comes to the type of monitor you get for your child’s school (gaming) computer. And Parents, look, your kids are going to use their computer’s to game, you may as well not waste electricity or money on having a monitor that doesn’t do exactly what it needs to for gaming.

If your rig is up to snuff but your monitor sucks, you’re basically wasting electricity. It’s your window into your gaming world, displaying the fruits of your GPU’s hard labor. So check out our selection of the best monitor for every sort of gamer and every type of budget, and kick that boxy old CRT to the curb.

The Best Monitors for Gaming

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