The Fall TV Guide of Must Sees

by Rachel Baker on September 16, 2014

Wired has a new article up called Watch, Skip, or Binge: Your Definitive Guide to Fall TV; and its totally worth browsing so you know what is going to be on this fall. They have broken the list down to what you should totally watch when it airs, what you can skip and what you totally should just binge watch. Some will agree with the assessments, others will not; but its still a pretty good list none-the-less.

Every fall the major television networks unleash scores of new shows for you to watch while simultaneously bringing back your faves. Throw in all the prestige shows now populating cable channels and suddenly keeping up with everything you want to watch this fall seems impossible without losing sleep and/or hitting the max capacity of your DVR. We’d like to help. Below are our picks for what you should watch (because it’ll be necessary to your pop culture survival), what you should skip (because it’s all filler, no killer), and what you should save and binge later (because it’s good, but could be easily scarfed another time). Welcome to Watch, Skip, or Binge—the easiest way to manage your fall TV diet.

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