The Hidden History of Far Cry 3

by Rachel Baker on September 2, 2014

Below is a truly fascinating article about a conversation with Jeffrey Yohalem and his take on Far Cry 3 and the history that brought it into being.

The Hidden History of Far Cry 3

“I think it would’ve been a little bit hypocritical, because Far Cry 3 was asking the question, ‘What makes you play this FPS instead of spending time with your family and going out into the real world?’ Jeffrey muses. “It gave you the ability to experience that question, to live it, but for me breaking away was my truth, and that’s why I don’t really play games like that much anymore. If I continued to make that kind of an experience… for me the gameplay tells a story, and the gameplay would’ve told the same story over and over and over. So yeah, maybe it could’ve been like The Twilight Zone and it would’ve been a different version of that same story set in a completely different way, but it would’ve been that story.”

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