The Internet has Done Little to Improve the Upward Mobility of Poor Kids in America

by Rachel Baker on March 20, 2015

This is an interesting article that takes a look at the premise of a book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, by Robert Putnum.

Here’s the Article: Rich kids use the Internet to get ahead, and poor kids use it ‘mindlessly’

“Compared to their poorer counterparts, young people from upper-class backgrounds (and their parents) are more likely to use the Internet for jobs, education, political and social engagement, health and newsgathering, and less for entertainment and recreation,” Putnam writes. “Affluent Americans use the Internet in ways that are mobility-enhancing, whereas poorer, less educated Americans typically use it in ways that are not.”

This is not to say the wealthier kids are using their iPhones to watch lectures on thermodynamics. They also send spend much of their Internet time sending off Snapchats, playing games and watching YouTube videos. But since social networks online tend to reflect social networks in real life, the wealthier kids have more people to draw on digitally to help advance their education and careers. (Parents in the top fifth of the economic hierarchy have 20% to 25% more friends than parents in the bottom fifth, and they know people in a far wider range of occupations, studies show.)

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