The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

by Rachel Baker on April 19, 2015

If you are playing Bloodborne, you might want to read this nerd-tastic article about the mysterious thing no one can figure out.

Here’s the Article: The Mysterious Bloodborne Item Nobody Can Figure Out

Hidden deep within Bloodborne is an item that looks pretty damn important. The only problem? Nobody knows what it does.

In order to understand why this mysterious item seems so crucial, you have to know a couple of key things about Bloodborne’s lore. I’m sorry, things are about to get nerdy as heck in here. Please adjust your glasses accordingly.

Basically, before the events of the game start, scholars interested in the knowledge of the gods found labyrinths ripe with secrets. Full of curiosity, they explored these labyrinths—you might know them as “Chalice Dungeons,” the randomly generated levels that Bloodborne lets you play.

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