Themes And Screenshots Coming To Xbox One, Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

by Rachel Baker on October 9, 2014

We have four people in our family who are designated on our Xbox one as different colors- colors that don’t really define who we each are as gamers. Our 360 is completely different though…we each have a different theme that makes sense to each of us individually.

None of us really care all that much, but I’ve noticed we do look at more ‘pages’ on the 360, and maybe that’s because subconsciously, we like looking at out theme background.

In the very near future, we will be able to define our accounts with Themes, as we do on the Xbox 360. This will actually be an exciting moment, because I think it will be interesting to see how we have each changed in our views of how gaming defines us. And let’s face, those of us who game take out gaming identities very seriously.

Themes And Screenshots Coming To Xbox One, Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer.

If you’ve been hoping to spruce up your Xbox One dashboard, Phil Spencer says that your wait will eventually come to a close. Themes, a staple of the Xbox 360 since early in that system’s life, will be making the jump to Xbox One.

Spencer made an appearance on The Inner Circle podcast to discuss the current state of the Xbox One and its future. In addition to aesthetic customization features, Spencer also confirmed that the ability to take screenshots will be headed to Microsoft’s new-gen system.

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