Watch Out For The Lollipops

by Rachel Baker on August 24, 2014

The summary says it all. And, there’s a video at the link. American Horror Story Freakshow debuts on October 8.

One has to hand it to FX: If you’re looking to get our attention with teasers and ads, well, you have it. After making us drive our cars into fruit stands in Hollywood with their jarring worm-in-eye billboards for The Strain (an arguable homage to the razor-eye image in Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s silent short Un Chien Andalou), FX’s second teaser for American Horror Story: Freak Show will have you feeling your tongue all night, just to make sure it’s OK. Either that, or you’ll never lick another lollipop again…or get kissed by a carnival worker.

Hot Teaser: Watch Out For The Lollipops On ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

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