Windows 9 will get rid of of Charms menu, and introduce virtual desktops

by Rachel Baker on August 7, 2014

Windows 9 is not expected until spring 2015, but reports are beginning to come out about changes and additions.

Alongside a new Start Menu and windowed “Metro-style” apps, Microsoft is planning to remove its Charms bar, an overlay used to access search, share, the Start Screen, devices, and settings. While the Charms were useful for touch machines, their implementation with mouse and keyboard has always been awkward, requiring users to mouse over the corners of a screen to delicately initiate them.

The change was first reported by Windows enthusiast site Winbeta, and The Verge can confirm current builds of Windows Threshold, which is expected to be named Windows 9, do not include the Charms bar. ZDNet reports that “Metro-style” Windows 8 apps will get title bars that include some menus with the Charms components, and developers will need to add features to enable the share Charm. The change is likely related to the fact Microsoft is making its Windows 8 apps more flexible, running in floating separate windows on the desktop just like traditional apps. This should greatly improve the mouse and keyboard experience for these apps, something Microsoft has been gradually trying to fix in Windows 8 with various updates.

Windows 9 will kill Microsoft’s awkward Charms menu, introduce virtual desktops

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