Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Exactly The Right Move For Microsoft

by Rachel Baker on June 18, 2015

There is a whole lot of conversation right now about whether Microsoft’s decision to make the Xbox One backwards compatible is a good decision or a bad one.

As an owner of all Microsoft products, I think its a good one. One of the things I really disliked was the idea that to play my 360 games for ever and ever, amen, I’d have to always have a 360 – or a computer powerful enough to play the games there. I’m not a pc gamer, probably because I’ve never needed a pc with that much power, and don’t really ever seeing the need for more than I have now.

The article below is written as a rebuttal, really to a previous article about how this move is a bad one for Microsoft. Its interesting and if you care, its worth reading.

Read More here: Why Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Exactly The Right Move For Microsoft

Backwards compatibility is a smart move on Microsoft’s part. They’re giving their customer base what it wants instead of what Microsoft assumes they want, which was the crux of their initial Xbox One woes to begin with. It’s good marketing, good PR, and hopefully translates into either unit sales or brand loyalty. None of this is less important than being focused on some amorphous future. Scratch that. This is being focused on the future.

Sure, there may be hiccups in the system as Dave Thier points out. Legal issues may prevent some titles from working on the Xbox One. But it still means that plenty of games will make their way to the new system, and that’s only a positive.

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