Xbox One wants to be your destination for the NFL and fantasy football

by Rachel Baker on August 3, 2014

Microsoft wants to be your go-to company for all things football. The NFL Now app will update on August 28 – just in time for the new season. There are some incredible features coming to the Xbox One for the fantasy football crowd also.

More than 40 million Americans play fantasy football. They play it on their computers at work, on their laptops at home, and on their tablets on the couch. And, yes, some even check their teams on their mobile phones while on the toilet.

Microsoft gets that. And the maker of the Xbox One wants you to do all of this on your other throne — the living room recliner — while watching the NFL and playing fantasy football on your video game console.

For the 2014 season, Microsoft has a slew of new fantasy football and viewing options in store for its NFL Now app. It intends to make the Xbox One a more attractive option for watching highlights, getting updates, and keeping with news on the nation’s most popular sport. This includes live coverage that it says you won’t get anywhere else, fantasy football scoring alerts tailored to your preferences, live NFL Network programming, DirectTV’s premium Sunday Ticket for people who live in areas that can’t get the satellite service, and the cherished NFL Films vault, which contains decades of coverage of what’s become “America’s game.”

How the Xbox One wants to be your destination for the NFL and fantasy football

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