Native Americans use Social media to reject label

by Rachel Baker on May 22, 2014

If you use social media for all its worth, not just to post selfies, you CAN actually make the changes you want to see in the world.

Take the time to read this article. Its a great example of how to make change happen by using social media.

Who would want to be called “super-drunk”? Or how about Sioux per drunk? Sioux is the name sometimes used for the Native American Lakota and Dakota tribes. And these were the words on a T-shirt worn by some students at the University of North Dakota at a gathering earlier this month.

The T-shirt shows a logo of the Fighting Sioux – which used to be the mascot for the university – with a “beer bong” funnel in his mouth and two large glasses of overflowing drink. Students posted smiling pictures of themselves wearing the T-shirts to Twitter and Facebook, and it wasn’t long before the images came across the timelines of Native Americans in the area.

“The images spread like wildfire over social media,” says Ruth Hopkins a former student at the university from the Dakota and Lakota tribe, and a founding writer of the Native American website LastRealIndians. “Native Americans wanted answers,” she says. Hopkins wrote a blog condemning the students, and started the hashtag #Siouxperdrunk. It went on to be used thousands of times, mostly by Native Americans, who – like her – were angered by the affair.

Native Americans reject ‘super drunk’ label

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