Vice uses Facebook to Takedown Gang in NYC

by Rachel Baker on June 6, 2014

People just can’t help themselves on Social Media, can they?

After a 4-year-long investigation by the NYPD, 103 alleged gang members were indicted Wednesday in what authorities are calling “the largest gang takedown in New York City’s history,” thanks mostly to the long history of Facebook evidence the teenage gang members left on their profiles.

Early Wednesday morning, 500 NYPD officers busted two West Harlem housing projects to arrest alleged gang members in three gangs. Most of those arrested are between 15-20 years old though some are as old as 30.

The gang members were arrested for variety of criminal charges: 2 murders, 19 non-fatal shootings, and 50 shootings where “nobody was hit.”

Vice reports “[they] are also accused in a long list of stabbings, slashings, assaults, robberies, and firearms possession.”

Here’s the full article:
Teens Arrested In Largest Gang Bust In NYC History Were Caught On Facebook

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