Carlos Gomez researches how to talk to rich people

by Rachel Baker on May 20, 2014

The beauty of this is that if you are a met fan, you know that young Carlos Gomez started his minor league career speaking very little english. So, it is completely plausible that Gomez did do his research.

Brewers outfielder Carlos Gómez did all of us dirty proles proud when, according to last week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, he mentioned something about kiwi’s potassium levels vis-a-vis bananas to teammate Ryan Braun. Braun, sharing the anecdote with Sports Illustrated, allegedly asked Gómez how he came to know this particular nutritional tidbit. According to Braun, Gómez said he spends his downtime Googling “rich-people conversations” so he knows which rarified topics to broach with his now-fellow millionaires.

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