‘Back to the Future’ gadgets that are real in 2015

by Rachel Baker on July 7, 2015

Cool article highlighting gadgets from the movie Back to the Future that have come to fruition.

Great Scott! 7 ‘Back to the Future’ gadgets that are real in 2015:

It’s finally 2015, the year when Back to the Future II promised everything would be cooler.

The first Back to the Future movie hit theaters 30 years ago today. In the sequel, released in 1989, director Robert Zemeckis imagined a futuristic world where people would have hoverboards, food hydrators and automatic dog walkers. Oh, and for some reason, fax machines would still be cool.

Okay, so many predictions in the film were hilariously off the mark. But there are some gadgets the film predicted correctly. Here are a just a few tech tools from the Back to the Future universe that have actually come to life.

(For what it’s worth: Lexus has actually created a real hoverboard — but it basically only works on specially made streets combined with magnets. Plus, the company isn’t even making the boards for mass consumption. Excuse us while we cry.)

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