GameStop offers trade-in specials for pre-orders of $400, Kinect-less Xbox One

by Rachel Baker on May 14, 2014

GameStop is helping to make all your Xbox One dreams come true, as long as its the dreams of the Xbox One without Kinect.

According to Joystiq, who claims to have called several GameStop stores around the country, you can pre-order the console only package with a minimum deposit of $100.

Gamestop will take your old consoles (the original or 4GB Xbox 360 or the 12GB PS3) for a $75.00 in store credit; and if you trade in the 360 with a 250GB + of storage or a PS3 with 20GB+ hard drive you get $125.00.

Obviously you can pre-order the console only package for $400.00, if you have it.

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