Nokia’s Here Buys Medio Systems

by Rachel Baker on June 12, 2014

Nokia is trying to make your mapping experience more personalized with the acquisition of Medio Systems, a specialist company in predictive analytics.

This is a great addition and one that should make the Nokia/Microsoft relationship even better for users.

Less than two weeks after buying natural language startup Desti, Nokia’s mapping division Here is announcing another acquisition to enhance its service: it is buying Medio Systems, a specialist in predictive analytics that Nokia will use to give users of its location-based services more personalised results and maps.

Or as Here’s VP of search Don Zereski described it to me: “The map I see will be different from the map that you see.”

Nokia is not disclosing the terms of the deal but we are trying to find out.

Medio, based out of Seattle, was founded in 2004, originally setting out to develop a contextualised search engine for mobile phone users but later pivoting to provide a more B2B product, in the form of analytics, predictive modelling, and push marketing based on a company’s users’ data. (A move perhaps spurred by the fact that companies like Google were fast extending their dominance in desktop search to smartphones.)

Here’s the full article:
Nokia’s Here Buys Medio Systems To Push More Personalised Location Services

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