Sony Shows How Gaming Isn’t Just for Kids

by Rachel Baker on July 9, 2014

This is an interesting article about how Sony managed to market to adults as well as kids.

Sony has revealed how Grand Theft Auto III came to be a PlayStation 2 exclusive, revealing the decision was all part of an attempt to reposition the PlayStation brand as a mainstream provider of entertainment, rather than just for children.

Speaking at today’s Develop Conference in Brighton, Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House talked through his experiences from the inception of the PlayStation brand, including how it went from a maligned side-project within Sony to one of the most profitable parts of the business.

House began his career with Sony long before the PSX project was ever launched. When the idea of creating a console was first mooted, he revealed that the internal outlook was very negative. So much so, his boss even asked him when he volunteered to work on the project, “why would you go work on a toy, when this will never be considered a serious part of Sony’s business?”

How Sony Managed to Show Gaming Isn’t Just For Kids

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