Twitter Giving Back with a Learning Center for the Homeless

by Rachel Baker on May 14, 2014

On the surface, this is pretty awesome – have you seen it? Twitter and a nonprofit called Compass Family Services are partnering to build a learning center, somewhere in the area near Twitter headquarters.

While it seems to be reported as a wonderfully magnanimous philanthropical endeavor, let’s just remember that Twitter has an obligation to the city for helping to make the surrounding areas better. And while this year, this project doesn’t count, it may in future years. By the way, in exchange for signing the agreement, the company was able to avoid payroll taxes for six years.

Further, while this learning center is being tauted as an awesome learning center to help the homeless learn job skills – according to business insider, the center is teaching the most basic of tech skills – how to access government services and how to apply for jobs online.

Does anyone else wonder why the Twitter employees don’t just hold seminars at the local library to help teach those skills and do something more substantial to help make their community better?

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