Fictional apps from TV and their real-world equivalents

by Rachel Baker on May 19, 2014

Here’s an article to help you figure out the real world equivalent for the fictional apps on your favorite tv shows.


In one fifth-season episode of Community, an app that seems like a strange cross between Yelp and all those “grade your teacher” websites is unleashed on Greendale, where the unsuspecting student body finds it can suddenly rate anybody and anything. Students rate teachers! Teachers rate students! Everybody is rating various places and objects! This being Greendale, everything descends into chaos, and soon, the episode turns into a parody of futuristic dystopias alongside a parody of so-called social media clout. It’s a big, ambitious, messy episode, with a lot of ideas.

Predictably enough—this is Community, after all—a bunch of the show’s viewers decided the best lesson to take from the episode was that it would be really cool to make their own MeowMeowBeenz app, so we can give out from one to five MeowMeowBeenz in the real world. Numerous versions of the app have popped up in our reality, but here’s one you have to pay money for that appears to only let you rate Community-related things. Won’t you enjoy finding that in your downloads in a decade?

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