Stop Calling Wil Wheaton Wesley

by Rachel Baker on May 27, 2014

Tonight on Syfy is the Wil Wheaton project. The AV Club will be watching. There’s a ton of other stuff on tonight as well, but most interesting will be to see how many people stupidly write with disdain about how ‘Wesley’ shouldn’t do the Wil Wheaton Project or have been in Star Trek Next Generation.

People who engage in said stupid writing tomorrow inherently just suck. Its probable that Wil Wheaton will have a good show, and no one will realize it. Sad.

Wil Wheaton could personally reverse global climate change, invent a cheap source of green energy, and fund the sixth season of Community (as well as the movie), but a handful of bitter Star Trek fans would still hate him for playing Wesley goddamn Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. As if to atone for this egregious crime, Wheaton has spent most of his post-Wesley career working to win back the sci-fi and genre fans he may have alienated by being the naïve teen who saved the adults of the Enterprise “at least seven times.” (When he wasn’t writing a video-game column for some two-bit pop-culture publication, that is.) We’ll have one TV Club writer or another looking at the latest of those efforts—a talk show in the Soup/Talking Dead/Bates Motel: After Hours mode—though they make no guarantee that a stray “Wesley” won’t slip out here or there.

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