Was Television better in the sixties?

by Rachel Baker on May 29, 2014

CNN has a new program called “The Sixties” which premiers tonight at 9pm ET. The article below is in preparation for the episode and talks about the history of television. Its a pretty basic history lesson exploring whether tv was better in the sixties than it is now.

The history of television is a history of insults.

The idiot box, it’s been called. The boob tube. “57 Channels (and Nothin’ On).” “Kill your television” says the bumper sticker.

In 1961, it was famously deemed a “vast wasteland.”

After all, there were just three TV networks at the time. Most major cities didn’t have public television stations (PBS was still years away). And the UHF band, where independent stations would later flourish, was barely used. The first communications satellite didn’t go up until 1962.

And the content? With few exceptions, the networks carried mostly dumbed-down, formulaic cop shows, Westerns, situation comedies and musical-variety programs. News was something people got from newspapers.

Here’s the article:
How today’s TV compares with the 1960s

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