Wayward Pines: The New Mystery in Fox’s Lineup

by Rachel Baker on May 13, 2014

Among the new slate of TV shows coming to Fox is a 10-episode series called “Wayward Pines” that purports to akin to the cult hit “Twin Peaks.”

M. Night Shyamalan (“the Sixth Sense” and “Signs”) is the executive producer as well as the director for the premiere episode. The show is based off the novel “Pines by Blake Crouch and was developed for television developed by Chad Hodge (“The Playboy Club” and “Runaway”).

You will find all sorts of familiar faces in Wayward Pines. How can you go wrong with Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, and Terrence Howard? You can’t…unless you cast Juliette Lewis the bartender (there’s a surprise).

The trailer makes one think, without ever having seen Twin Peaks, that this could be Fox’s answer to CBS’s Under the Dome. There’s a strange mystery that keeps everyone trapped in the small sleepy town where some weird stuff is happening.

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